Just a typical "small-town boy" from Southeast Ohio, Devin grew up in a musically-inclined family. Coming from a small, rural community, country roots overflow into the music he writes. Going against the grain, Devin gave up college football in pursuit of country music. Digging deeper into his passion, Nashville trips came around more often and he found his way through the Bluebird Cafe and Belcourt Taps. Devin currently has his original sound available on Apple Music, Spotify, and any other digital streaming service. His new single Highschool Mixtape releases September 13th, written as the epitome and his perception of music. His style is influenced by many country pillars but also influenced by the many genres that found their way to his burnt CD's and iPod playlists growing up. All of which has led him to a sound that is unlike the rest. 


I wouldn't be anything without my family. It's where my roots are. Family isn't just just blood but it's everyone who's by your side through thick and thin. That's my team, and I've found that having a family full of support and love, whether it be friends, fans, or my literal blood, nothing is impossible.

I may do music because it's my life and my passion, but my family is my everything and that's who I do it for. My music, my fun, my success, all of it is for the family. I truthfully love every single one of you and cannot thank you enough.

Join my team, this family would love to have you!

- Devin

BE Your

Best SELF...


I always strive for perfection and I always fall short every time. Haven’t put out any new music, haven’t made my way down to Nashville recently, and haven’t been investing the time I need as an artist. Balancing nursing school with this passion of mine isn’t easy especially when always I cave for a ‘good time’, but this shirt is a pretty dope reminder of what really matters.

Have Faith in me, More is coming.

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