Meet The  Team



Lead Guitar

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Ladies and gentlemen, Chris studied music at Belmont university and Capital University. This lead Guitarist is from Wilmington, OH! Chris's can-do attitude, Work Ethic, knowledge, and Kind Soul makes him the top notch musician you want in your corner to put on a show.



Rhythm Guitar/Keys

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Father to Devin,  Stephen is a Nurse Anesthetist during the day and dual threat musician at night. His 80's mullet flapped around Pt. Pleasant, WV growing up! "Brother Steve" lives in Gallipolis, OH now, Happily married to Janice Henry, the team's "Momager"




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The Nastiest Bassist In Ohio stays "2  busy groovin'" (His IG handle). Deivi is originally from the Dominican Republic, but shortly after moving to Columbus, OH he began to hone his craft as a musician playing all sorts of genre's.




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"O - H", Jacob is an alumni of the Best Damn Band in the Land (OSU). He grew up in Suburban Columbus, OH and as he still resides in the area he is an intervention specialist, Coach, and Percussion leader at Olentangy Berlin High school, But he still makes time to gut bust with his drum set week to week.





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Janice Henry, AKA "The Momager" also Devin's Mom, Has a bachelor's in marketing and is the Team's "Jack of all Trades" as she handles booking, Public Relations, Advertising, Finances, and more. When something needs to happen, Janice makes it happen. She is also from Pt. Pleasant, WV and lives with Stephen in Gallipolis, OH.


I wouldn't be anything without my family. It's where my roots are. Family isn't just just blood but it's everyone who's by your side through thick and thin. That's my team, and I've found that having a family full of support and love, whether it be friends, fans, or my literal blood, nothing is impossible.

I may do music because it's my life and my passion, but my family is my everything and that's who I do it for. My music, my fun, my success, all of it is for the family. I truthfully love every single one of you and cannot thank you enough.

Join my team and join my journey, this family would love to have you!

- Devin